Empowerment Center Services

YWCA Empowerment Center assists families with children and individuals in both Clinton and Jackson Counties who are experiencing or on the verge of experiencing homelessness through our Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness Prevention programs.

For those who are currently experiencing homelessness

YWCA Rapid Rehousing is a program that offers financial case management services to families who are currently experiencing homelessness. The goal of the program is to assist in obtaining safe, affordable, permanent housing while providing families with on-going case management services to ensure long-term success.

If you are currently in a shelter, on the streets, in your car, in a tent, or in any place not suitable for human habitation, please call


to access homeless services. 


If you need an emergency shelter, please contact the following:

Men’s Shelter: 563-242-9016 (Victory Center, Clinton, IA)

Women’s Shelter: 563-242-1744 (Victory Center, Clinton, IA)

Domestic Violence Shelter: 866-921-3354

All services are free and confidential. 

For those who are in danger of becoming homeless in the next 14 days

YWCA Homelessness Prevention Program seeks to stop homelessness befire it starts. It is a program that assists families with children and individuals who currently have housing but are at risk of becoming homeless. Homelessness Prevention provides funding for rent and utility deposits as well as rent and utility arrears. Funding is based on income guidelines.

For more information on our Homelessness Prevention Program, call the Hotline at 833-849-8976.

All services are free and confidential. 

YWCA Empowerment Center Contact Info:

Hotline: 833-849-8976

Learn more about the Rapid Rehousing model:

How You Can Help!

In the FYE 2021 the YWCA Empowerment Center provided 659 case management hours that were unsupported by funds.

Sole Purpose 2021 Statistics:

  • Rapid Rehousing served 92 people and housed 78 people.
  • Homelessness Prevention served 29 people and housed 24 people.
  • Additional Covid-19 support helped Rapid Rehousing serve and house another 90 people.
  • Additional Covid-19 support helped Homelessness Prevention serve another 81 people and house 80 people.

Without the generosity of supportive people, we would not be able to help those in our community most in need. Please consider giving generously to the YWCA Empowerment Center. Items may be left at the YWCA front desk. The following is a list of items needed in our housing programs:

YWCA Empowerment Center programs and services are partially funded by United Way of Clinton County, Iowa.

If you are NOT CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING HOMELESSNESS, but are in danger of becoming homeless in the next 14 days…

Please do one of the following:

  1. Call the Homeless Hotline at 833-849-8976, OR

  2. Call the Empowerment Center at 563-242-2118.

Please note: Due to the increase in volume of calls, if you need to leave a message please indicate your full name, a number you can be reached at,  a brief description of what services you are needing, and if you would like us to call or text you back. You will be contacted within the next business day.