TWO Convenient Locations!

Downtown: 317 7th Ave South

Lyons: 250 20th Ave North

Welcome to the YWCA Children's Center

At the YWCA Children’s Center, we believe all children have a right to receive quality preschool and childcare in a safe and nurturing environment. At the YWCA Children’s Center, we are committed to the social, physical, mental and emotional development of each child.

We help your child:

  • Learn through hands-on environments and playful age-appropriate activities
  • Acquire desirable habits and wholesome attitudes; developing self-confidence
  • Think constructively; use imagination and develop resourcefulness and originality
  • Develop self-worth and feel secure and loved through positive reinforcement
The YWCA Children’s Center has some of the highest quality rating system scores in the area!

The YWCA Children’s Center serves the community by providing high-quality preschool and childcare programs where children are encouraged and given opportunities to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually in a safe, loving environment.

We are proud of our State of Iowa Quality Rating System ratings at both our centers, some of the highest in the area — reflecting our commitment to the highest quality childcare! That means the teachers and staff here have undergone additional training beyond what is already required by DHS Iowa to ensure that care, instruction and the learning environment of the YWCA Children’s Center are all designed to ensure the children entrusted to our care thrive!

Click HERE to find out what our QRS score means for your child’s care!

Children's Center News!

Our History...

1943 – The YWCA became quite vocal in favoring Aid to Dependent Children. At approximately this time, a nursery was opened so that children of working mothers would receive adequate care.

1956 – 42 children were enrolled in the nursery which provided child care five mornings a week and on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The nursery was closed in
1964 as it was a financial liability.

1967 – The Head Start Program began in conjunction with Clinton Community College. In 1968, 42 children were enrolled, with an extensive waiting list.

1977 – The YWCA Play and Learn Center began in August 1977. The center was licensed and certified to care for 35 children. The center has continued to grow and expansion has included infant care and preschool programs. New spaces constructed in 2002 as well as space in the historic building, are now part of the YWCA Children’s Center.

YWCA Children’s Center programs are partially funded by United Way of Clinton County, Iowa.